Oxford Hotels

Discover all the university and surrounding city have to offer on your next holiday by booking cheap hotels in Oxford.

About Oxford

Home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Oxford England is a city with numerous contributions to culture through the arts and sciences. Thanks to the university, Oxford England offers several historic and academic attractions, including the beautiful medieval and Romanesque architecture of city and university buildings. Chances are, you’ll find some places during your Oxford stay that might seem familiar: it’s the filming spot for popular British drama Downton Abbey and has inspired numerous books and novels. And thanks to the large student population, Oxford is a wonderfully diverse city that knows how to have fun, so it’s not all about academics and education. Travellers may easily find hotels in Oxford that meet their travel needs. Finding cheap hotels in Oxford helps make the city an affordable choice for a holiday in Britain.

Of the many things to do in Oxford England, one of the most popular is to visit the city historic attractions and well-preserved, old university buildings through Oxford tours. Blenheim Palace is among the most popular spots for Oxford sightseeing. This astounding country palace was built from 1705 and 1722 and features well-manicured gardens, beautiful interiors which guests may tour and an intimate look at the estate’s famous pipe organs. Another popular place for Oxford tours is the Radcliffe Camera. Radcliffe Camera is one of the city’s most beautiful libraries, serving as a reading room for the Bodleian. One of the more fun top Oxford attractions is to attend the Oxford Coffee Concerts at Holywell Music Room. In addition to a show by some of the UK’s most iconic ensembles, a ticket to Oxford Coffee Concerts gets you a complimentary cup of coffee.

Where to Stay in Oxford

Oxford is a bit pricey for British destinations, though Oxford hotel deals aren’t impossible to come by. Families or those on a budget should find rooms to rent in Oxford is they’re willing to look a little further away from the top Oxford tourism zones. Cheap hotels Oxford are available at varying quality and price points, though, making the city accessible enough for travellers across budgets. Hostels also make for affordable alternatives to cheap hotels in Oxford. You’ll find most cheap hotels Oxford run from about €43-86. Midrange hotels near Oxford Town Centre usually run somewhere between €90-140 per night. Some of the best Oxford Hotels will cost beyond that range.

One of the best and most affordable rooms to rent in Oxford is the Talbot Inn. This cute and affordable choice of Oxford hotels and inns features an 18th century pub and comfortable rooms. Another of the cheap hotels in Oxford that offer parking in Oxford city centre is the Travelodge Oxford Peartree. This affordable choice of Oxford city centre hotels features casual, comfy rooms that are perfect for families.

You may even find Oxford hotel deals for luxury Oxford hotels and inns. One of the most charming Oxford boutique hotels is the River Hotel Oxford. This bricked townhouse is found on the edge of the River Thames. It offers free parking in Oxford city centre. Among the most luxurious Oxford hotels is the Macdonald Randolph Hotel. The regal and stately building is the perfect backdrop to an Oxford visit and offers a relaxing spa to guests. Old Parsonage Hotel is another Oxford accommodation in an old, impressive building that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Not everyone can afford Oxford hotels, so hostels make a charming alternative. The most popular Oxford hostels include Oxford Backpackers Hostel, Central Backpackers and YHA Oxford.

Things to Do in Oxford

Among the top places to visit in Oxford are the city’s historic attractions. One of the most impressive places for Oxford sightseeing is the Bodleian Library. Serving as Oxford University’s main research branch, the Bodleian is one of the oldest libraries in all of Europe and is an impressive sight to behold. Christ Church Oxford is another of the top choices for what to see in Oxford in Oxford tours. Founded in 1525, Christ Church Oxford is one of the most impressive historic locales in the city. It also inspired the look for the Hogwarts great hall in the Harry Potter films. Finally, the Ashmolean Museum is another wonderful place to spend some time in an Oxford visit and is the world’s very first university museum.

Oxford Dining

In between what’s on in Oxford, you’re sure to get hungry. Stop by the many amazing places to dine in Oxford England. One of the favoured places among locals for dinner is The Oxford Kitchen. This restaurant offers delicious takes on both British and other European cuisine. One must enjoy high tea on an Oxford visit. The best place to grab a sip and a bite for teatime is the Macdonald Randolph Hotel. Interested in stopping at an authentic British pub-style restaurant? Grab a bite at The Mole Inn, which is a favourite for local faire. As far as cheap eats are concerned, few places beat Comie’s Caribbean Grill, which offers some exotic flair at a low price.

Oxford Shopping

Despite Oxford’s immense history and contributions to culture throughout history, the city is hardly stuck in the past. You’ll find several great, modern shopping experiences on your Oxford visit. Whether you prefer high street shopping or boutique designer labels, you’re sure to find a great goods in Oxford tourism. One of the key places for Oxford shopping is Cornmarket and Queen Street. This area is where you’ll find global and familiar brands as well as the fashion industry’s most famous designers. High Street’s Covered Market is one of the best places to visit in Oxford for discovering unique goods and souvenirs. If you prefer a mall shopping experience, stop at Westgate Centre on Queen Street.

Nightlife in Oxford

What to do in Oxford besides visit historic Oxford attractions? One of the most fun things to do in Oxford is experience the city’s vibrant nightlife. That’s right; Oxford isn’t just for studying! The various pubs and clubs are a staple of Oxford tourism and student life. One of the best clubs in Oxford nightlife is Atik. Its handful of rooms are each themed after a different decade and it even has a tiki bar. Looking for a more relaxed side to Oxford nightlife? Kick back at Oxford Wine Café after Oxford sightseeing and sip on some of the world’s best wine. Another of the fun things to do in Oxford after sundown is catching a live show. Stop at O2 Academy to enjoy both big-name musical acts as well as smaller local bands.