Los Angeles Hotels

Home to the starry-eyed and the famous, Los Angeles is a place of dreams.

About Los Angeles

Los Angeles, known by locals as simply L.A., is the second-most populous city in the United States after New York City. With nearly four million residents, it is the largest city in the state of California on the western coast and serves as the cultural, financial, and commercial center of the region. L.A. is the famous home of Hollywood, the major center of entertainment in the United States. Its status as a global destination has resulted in plenty of hotels in Los Angeles United states. Affordable lodging can be found throughout the city and near the many things to see in Los Angeles, like the beaches, the famous neighborhoods, and the surrounding hills. The best hotels in Los Angeles United States are available nearly everywhere. Even though the city is dense and full of options for what to do in Los Angeles, make sure to book Los Angeles hotels near prioritized Los Angeles points of interest. The city is immensely busy, and, even with using public transportation, travel from landmark to landmark can take more time than expected.

The sprawling Pacific metropolitan is not only massively populated and ethnically diverse, it is often the host to global events and performances. It has already hosted the Summer Olympics twice. L.A. also plays host to the annual Academy Awards, the Primetime Emmy Awards, the Grammy Awards, and many other industry awards shows. There are also some of the world’s top fun spots, like Disneyland. While Disneyland is not in Los Angeles proper, many attractions in the surrounding small towns are absorbed into the Los Angeles points of interest.

Where to Stay in Los Angeles

It can be a challenge to decide where to stay in Los Angeles. Every neighborhood, suburb, and landmark area brings about entirely unique cultures, things to do in Los Angeles United States, and cuisine to eat. Visitors pay more for their Los Angeles hotels based on proximity. The busy city makes travelers put effort into getting here to there. Even so, there is always plenty of what to do in Los Angeles United States near all Los Angeles hotels. The best hotels in Los Angeles United States are usually the beachside Los Angeles United States hotels or the hotels in Los Angeles city center. The over 2,000 Los Angeles United States hotels range from €120 to €450 a night on average.

There are a variety of low-cost inns and hostels throughout L.A. They are more barebones than other international hostels and inns but are easily the most affordable. Cheap hotels in Los Angeles United States are not always the easiest to come by. If visitors have planned plenty of things to do in Los Angeles United States that will keep them out of their rooms, these options could be worth considering. Cheap hotels in Los Angeles, like the Central Inn Motel, are unpretentious and simple. It offers laundry facilities, free parking, and free wifi.

Most hotels in Los Angeles city center will nearly always have free airport shuttles, outdoor pools, restaurants and event spaces. L.A. is a popular city for travelers and business folk alike. Aside from global chain options, there are a wide variety of boutique and one-of-a-kind Los Angeles hotels. The Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles is a grand 1923 hotel with ornate decor, a spa, and an afternoon tea and cocktail bar. The Miyako Hotel Los Angeles is a minimalist-designed lodging with Japanese themes. It has an onsite sushi bar, a spa, and a cocktail and karaoke lounge. At the most expensive end of the spectrum are the most luxurious Los Angeles hotels. These are on swanky properties with spectacular views or proximity to the most popular Los Angeles points of interest.

Due to the heavy traffic and difficulty of public transit, Los Angeles airport hotels are great options for where to stay in Los Angeles after arriving or before departing. Visitors will not want to risk getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highways and missing their flights. Chain options are popular Los Angeles airport hotels. The Hilton is one of the best options for value and affordability. It has an outdoor pool, restaurants, and event space.

Things to Do in Los Angeles

The list for what to do in Los Angeles can feel endless. Every neighborhood hosts a variety of culture and things to see in Los Angeles. Even though L.A. is a modern global economic power, there are plenty of outlets for history and art. In fact, there are over 800 museums and art galleries in the county. It has more museums per capita than any other city in the world. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the largest art museum in western United States. It holds more than 150,000 works spanning history from the ancient era to the present.

Los Angeles Dining

It is hard to nail down Los Angeles cuisine. The city is incredibly diverse, with a great Latin and Spanish American population. Some of the city’s most iconic dishes include chili dogs, French dip sandwiches, chicken and waffles, pizza, and donuts. Cole’s, opened in 1908, has been serving French dips since its conception. They offer a variety of different French dips with toppings like lamb and goat cheese. The Donut Man, opened in 1972, has been featured on numerous television shows and is open 24 hours a day. They have a locally famous fresh strawberry donut requiring two hands to consume.

Los Angeles Shopping

L.A. is not only the home to Hollywood and its famous movie stars, it is home to many of the world’s top fashion companies who dress them. Naturally, shopping is on many visitors’ “what to do in Los Angeles” lists. The Point is a casual shopping center located at the corner of Rosecrans Avenue and Spulveda Boulevard near Manhattan Beach. It is a relaxing outdoor location to shop and dine. Santa Monica Place is a sleek, open-air shopping center anchored by massive chains like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s. Rodeo Drive is often considered the most famous shopping street in the world. The Beverly Hill spot has the highest-class shops and stores.

Nightlife in Los Angeles

Los Angeles nightlife is just as popular. Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Downtown, and Hollywood are the four most hip neighborhoods for nightclubs and bars. Downtown Independent is a great spot to see a show or movie downtown. Maybe visitors would be interested in catching a classical performance by the L.A. philharmonic at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The Villains Tavern nearby offers classy cocktails and other fine adult beverages. The Silver Lake area is hipster central. Pins and Needles is a modern pinball hot spot found there, and the Bigfoot Lodge is a relaxing bar frequented by locals. Los Feliz is a more laid-back neighborhood that is walkable with some of the best Los Angeles nightlife options. It is also home to many celebrities.